Preparing for a Roof Build

We know how frustrating it can be when construction work begins on or near your home. Although we will do everything possible to ensure the safe and efficient installation of your new roof and minimize the impact on you, the homeowner, keep in mind that this is a major construction project. The process of a new roof installation essentially turns your home into a construction site. 

When performing the roof build, we request a little help from you to make sure that it is a success. So here are a few things you can do to prepare and make sure that your property is protected during the process.

Mow Your Lawn

This is probably not a tip you expected to hear when preparing for a roof build, but mowing your lawn a day or two before the build will allow post-construction cleanup to go much more efficiently. Cleanup involves dragging magnets throughout the walkways and grass areas, and the magnets are able to more easily lift the nails out of your grass when it’s short. This is not required, but it does make cleanup easier.

Secure Loose Items

The evening before the build, please secure all loose items on shelves or walls that could easily be jostled and fall off. Unfortunately, the build usually starts around 6 a.m. and the "tear off" portion of the work is the first task, so it’s important that you prepare the night before. It will also be loud in the home, so prepare for that, too.

Cover or Move Patio Furniture

If you have patio furniture that can easily be moved, please move it to a covered area away from the patio. Our crews will move or cover with tarps any furniture that might be in the way of falling shingles, but we ask that you remove anything that could easily break. It goes without saying, but we also ask that during this build you refrain from using your patio.

Move Your Car

The day before the build, please remove all vehicles from the garage and the driveway. Not only will that make sure that any car you will want to use that day is easy to access, but it will also ensure that your car is safe, as there may be dust or debris falling, especially if your garage has exposed rafters. We will also need the driveway clear for our dump-trailers, so you’ll need to move any cars out of the driveway to give us clear access.

Stay Clear of the Building’s Perimeter

Throughout the roof replacement process, we ask that you keep away from the doors and the edges of the buildings as much as possible. Obviously, you will likely need to go in and out of your home, and we will do our best to keep these areas free of nails and debris during the day, but please be very cautious (especially if you have children and animals) around the immediate perimeter of the home while it is under construction. 

At the end of the day, we will perform a cleanup, and the following morning (or Monday if the build is on a weekend) another cleanup will be performed as a double-check. As mentioned, these cleanups involve dragging magnets throughout the walkways, landscaping, yard, decks/patios, and all concrete areas.  

On the day that your home is having its roof replaced, it will be noisy inside, so it might be a good idea to plan to be away during that day if possible. Throughout the project, you may hear equipment running (generators, air compressors), but we do our absolute best to respect your home and keep the noise down. 

As always, should you have any questions during a roof build or any other projects, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!