St. Charles Area Hit With Severe Thunderstorm and Large Hail

Photo courtesy of  Jenny Derhake

Photo courtesy of Jenny Derhake

Wow, we got absolutely clobbered again today by thunderstorms, strong winds, and huge hail (we’re talking up to baseball-sized hail, though most was 1”- 3").

The storm hit the St. Charles County area, which hasn’t seen a storm like this in quite some time. Car windows were smashed by hail and winds were strong enough to uproot trees (and land on rooftops). So if you’re looking to blame that group of teenagers down the street, rest assured that it wasn’t them, it was Mother Nature!

Photo courtesy of Zach Owen - Envision Construction

Photo courtesy of Zach Owen - Envision Construction

Reports confirm that the power went out in roughly 30,000 homes. Warnings of a second thunderstorm in the St. Louis area (both Illinois and Missouri) Wednesday night are in effect.

Areas hit by the May 11th hail storm:

  • Parts of Cottleville got clobbered with 4" hail
  • St. Peters reported 1.5” - 2" hail 
  • O'Fallon, near Feise Road and Highway K, reported 2.5" hail
  • St. Charles had reports from 1.75" -  3" hail
  • Weldon Spring had reports of 3.5" hail 
  • And the largest hail—a whopping 3"!—was reported in the Harvester area
Photo courtesy of Zach S, St. Peters, MO

Photo courtesy of Zach S, St. Peters, MO

Sudden and severe storms like this are overwhelming enough, but when they wreak havoc on your rooftop or gutter system, it can be very worrying.

It’s always best to have your roof and exteriors inspected by a qualified individual to determine if there is any damage, so feel free to call us to set your mind at ease—we guarantee to provide honest assessments.

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