How Do You Know if You Need New Gutters for Your House?

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If you live in St. Charles, St. Louis or anywhere in Missouri, you know that your house is bound to be hit with a ton of rain, hail and snow. That’s why it’s essential that your gutter effectively diverts the water and melted snow away from your home’s roof so that moisture doesn’t seep into the structure.

The average gutter will last about 15-20 years, though that timeframe will be shortened if you live in a climate that experiences severe weather. Because of the location of gutters on the roof, you might not be able to see if they have become damaged, so be sure to have a professional examine them (along with your whole roof) on a regular basis  –  and especially after a storm or heavy rain- or snowfall. 

As with most things, paying someone now to ensure that your gutters are in perfect working condition will save you a larger sum of money (not to mention time) down the road if they cause damage to the roof, interior of your house, or landscape.

Neglecting to care for your home’s gutter could lead to serious damage – and greater financial cost – such as:

  • Foundation issues and leaks into the basement

  • Rotting fascia (the horizontal wooden board which caps the end of the rafters that hold the rain gutter)

  • Leaky roof (and plenty of internal water damage)

  • Landscape erosion

  • Insect breeding grounds – including those dreaded mosquitos!

Here are some common signs that your house may need new gutters:

There Is Water Damage Underneath the Gutters

If you are checking your gutters on an annual basis, you will become familiar with how your gutters look, and therefore will easily recognize when something doesn’t look right. If you see water stains beneath your gutters, that’s a sign that they are leaking or have become clogged and water is spilling over the edge. This is a must-fix as water damage can rot the fascia and cause even more damage.

There Is Mildew at the Base of Your House

Gutters channel water to the downspouts which are curved at the bottom to direct water away from the base of the house. If your gutters are clogged, leaking or otherwise defective, then the water overflows off the roof, forms a pool on the ground within a few feet of the building and saturates the foundation of your house. When this happens, mildew, mold or rot forms, causing even more structural damage to your home.  

There Is Rust, Cracks or Sagging on the Gutters

If you see that your gutter is sagging or you notice any cracks or rust on it, then it’s time to replace your gutters. If the crack or sag is minor, it may be tempting to put off any repairs, but small cracks in inclement weather will quickly turn to big cracks. As with clogs, any cracks, sagging or rust will prevent the gutters from working efficiently and eventually lead to leaks, which cause even more damage to the roof, siding, foundation and interior of your house.

Sagging Rooftop Gutter.png


There Is Peeling Paint on or Near to Your Gutters

Your gutters are painted with waterproof paint which is meant to hold up in all kinds of weather. If you see peeling paint on or near your gutters, your gutters might just be really old. But if your gutters are not that old and you see peeling paint, then that’s a sign of water buildup in the gutters. In addition to peeling paint, you may see orange flakes which likely indicates rust.

There Are Ice Dams on the Gutters

In geographic locations that experience freezing winters, your gutters might suffer from ice dams, which are ridges of ice that form on the gutters or roof’s edge and prevent the melted snow from properly draining. When water can’t drain, the ice dam will lift the shingles and the water will become trapped underneath and eventually leak into the house. Ice dams can also weigh down the gutters and detach them from the roof. Generally, the more shallow the pitch of the roof, the more likely it is that ice dams will form.

Ice dams on the rooftop gutter.png


There Are Leaks Inside Your House

If you are experiencing a leaky ceiling inside your house, check up where the ceiling meets the wall. If the leak is coming from this location, the cause may very well be a damaged gutter and not necessarily a leaky roof.

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