Choosing Siding Colors For Your Home

Whether you're building a new house or considering a remodel on your current house, the choices you make for the exterior can make or break your home. When it comes to siding, it's important to consider not only the material but also what colors will make you and your family happy, as well as improve the resale value of your home.

Color can do much more than create an aesthetic quality — it can set a whole new mood and personality to give your home that extra bit of charm! Before settling on a color for your siding, read below to find some ideas to consider:

Things to keep in mind when choosing siding colors for your home

  • Color schemes of the neighborhood - It's a good idea to start by taking a look around your neighborhood to help you get an idea of the aesthetic norm of the area. While you don't have to match your neighbors, you may want to choose colors that work well with the area.
  • Your home's architecture - The architecture of your home can be a big deciding factor in the colors you choose, as well as how many colors your home may benefit from. Think about the body, trim, and accent colors. However, if your house does not have a natural way to divide colors, don't force it.
  • Climate - Does your house get a lot of sunshine during the day? If so, keep in mind that the color you choose for your siding will always look a little brighter than it would in a snowy, darker climate.
  • Current landscaping - Be sure to think about the landscaping already incorporated into your home. For example, if your current landscaping is more conservative, you may want to coordinate your siding colors with that.
  • Roof color - Unless you're planning to change the roof as well, the siding will need to coordinate with the color of your roof. Think about warm and cool colors to be sure the colors work well together.
  • Front door color - Similar to your roof, if you plan to keep your front door color as is, consider siding colors that will complement the current color. The front door is going to be one of the first things people notice, so it's important to make sure these colors looks great together!

Additional Tips

  • Use light colors to enlarge and dark colors to shrink
  • Beware of high contrast colors when it comes to your siding and trim

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