Meeting in St. Louis? Find 10 Great Places — Other than the Arch

Since 1965 when the final section was put into place, the Gateway Arch has become an important landmark in St. Louis. It all started in 1947 when a national design competition was conducted to decide on what memorial would celebrate the accomplishments of early pioneers. Eero Saarinen’s stainless steel Arch was chosen as the winner, and ground breaking began in 1959. 

Fast forward to today: With the Museum of Westward Expansion now open beneath the Arch, it is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations for those visiting and exploring the "Gateway to the West".

If you've been there, done that — fear not. We have found many other places to visit in this spirited city. Check out USA Today's Travel Guide to find 10 spots they say will inspire you to say, "I can't believe it. Right here where we live. Right here in St. Louis."