Inspections Are Rarely Fun, But We Can Make Them Easier!

If you are ready to contact us for an inspection call, chances are, you already have a lot on your mind. Before you fill out that form or pick up the phone, take a minute or two to find out what you can expect next. We hope this quick peek will put your mind at ease as we make this normally nerve-wracking process as stress-free as possible for you — We've got you covered!

Based in the city of St. Charles, Missouri, we also serve the counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, Warren, and Franklin. Our sincere values and passion for the community add up to top-quality construction — always with our customers’ needs first. Here is general overview of what you can expect from a typical inspection call.

After making the call:

  • Appointment is set, usually a 1 hour window is provided.
  • Inspection is performed.  Depending on the request of the customer, we may be there to look at just a leaky gutter, or a full inspection of the entire exterior and roofing system.  We will take photos the entire time.  
  • Photos are uploaded to our system and added to the customer's file. Estimate is written and emailed, with the photos out to the customer. 

After estimate is sent:

  • Contract is signed, or, in the case of smaller projects, email approval received.
  • We get the job scheduled. We reach out to the customer to let them know about scheduling.
  • Invoice is emailed to customer.

At Signature Exteriors, our business is based on quality, honesty and community values. When you contact us for an inspection call, you can rest assured — Our team is a part of the community and we treat each call like it's our own home! 

Send us a message to get your inspection scheduled, or call us at (314) 827-5376.