Vendor Spotlight: ABC Supply

Signature Exteriors couldn’t do such a great job without all kinds of trustworthy help, like our vendors, and we’d like to give a shout out to them over the next few weeks in this Vendor Spotlight series. Part 1/3.

ABC Supply Co. is the largest wholesale roofing supply company for residential and commercial buildings in the U.S., and is our main vendor. They have an extensive list of roofing, siding and gutter products and span over 700 locations.

Back in 1982, Ken and Diane Hendricks opened a single store in Wisconsin which quickly expanded nationwide and grew to a $6 billion-dollar enterprise. ABC Supply is number 84 on Forbes’ list of biggest private companies and has acquired many assets, such as Bradco Supply Corp., Sidewinder Supply Inc., Trumbull Vinyl Products, Inc., and GK Building Supply Corp.

They credit their success to two simple principles: providing only the highest-quality products and treating all their contractors with respect—as a result of seeing such a lack of respect with which many suppliers treated Ken’s father, a contractor. Their service, both to the vendor and the customer, is always fantastic and, of course, being such a large company they are able to offer excellent pricing. It’s no wonder that they’ve won the Gallup Great Workplace Award for ten years in a row (2007-2016)!

They also sponsor A. J. Foyt Enterprises' #14 and #4 IndyCar Series cars. A month ago it was announced that ABC Supply renewed the contract for two more years (which will make fifteen seasons of sponsorship, the longest active primary sponsor in this series!), so the team will continue wearing the red, white and blue uniform—which are also ABC’s colors.