Pros and Cons of Pitched Roofs and Flat Roofs

Call us biased, but we think that the roof is the most important aspect of the house. Not only is it functional, but it enhances the look of your home aesthetically, too (somehow a church just wouldn’t look right with a flat roof).

So when customers or friends ask us whether a pitched or flat roof is better, we always prefer to discuss the difference between pitched and flat roofs first. It’s not simply a matter of one being better than the other; it’s a matter of context.

Here are the pros and cons of pitched roofs and flat roofs:

Flat Roof


  • A flat roof is generally less expensive to install, partially because it’s cheaper to insure a roofing company that’s installing a flat (they’re not as likely to fall off).
  • Speaking of which, it’ll be more costly for the homeowner to insure the house because flat roofs are more prone to leaking.
  • It’s also easier to install, because it doesn’t need pitch.
  • It’s ideal for a modern-looking home.


  • Since a flat roof doesn’t effectively drain water, rainfall may pool and clog the drain, causing leaks or other damage. You’ll have to keep a diligent eye on this.
  • Though it’s less expensive to install, if you live in a climate with heavy rainfall, you’ll probably wind up paying more for repair.
  • It also needs a waterproof seal, which must be maintained more diligently than a pitched roof to prevent leaks.
  • Depending on the climate where you live, you’ll need to replace a flat roof every 10 to 15 years.

Pitched Roof


  • It’s not as vulnerable to water intrusion damage, which means that if you live in a climate with heavy rainfall, you won’t be repairing it as often.
  • A pitched roof adds a nice look to your home as materials come in many colors and shapes.
  • Repairs are much easier.


  • It’s generally more expensive to install.
  • Due to the sloped structure, it’s more difficult to clean.
  • However, it’s easier to inspect a pitched roof from the ground, due to the angle. You’ll still have to get up and walk around, but it makes consistent monitoring easier.
  • A sloped roof usually has a longer lifespan than a flat roof – 15 years.
  • Extra storage space in an attic!

Whichever type of roof you decide on, be sure to hire a roofing contractor who has experience with that particular type of roof installation.

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