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10 Practical Things Every New Homeowner Should Know

You've just bought your first home and you're so excited that you want to spoil it like a new baby. But if you're not careful, you might wind up having to get a second mortgage just to pay for your enthusiasm. Here are 10 practical things every homeowner should know.

Missouri Storm History Search Tool

We are excited to announce our new weather event search/research tool! The Missouri Storm History Search Tool, developed by Signature Exteriors, is ideal for realtors and property managers who want a more thorough understanding of the geographical area they cover so they can confidently inform their clients and tenants. 

Best Practices for Commercial Roof Maintenance

As a property manager or facility owner, you know how important the roof is on your commercial building. Roofing costs can be a concern, but you can keep to your overall budget with a little planning that includes regular inspections, thorough maintenance and preventative repairs.