storm damage

10 Practical Things Every New Homeowner Should Know

You've just bought your first home and you're so excited that you want to spoil it like a new baby. But if you're not careful, you might wind up having to get a second mortgage just to pay for your enthusiasm. Here are 10 practical things every homeowner should know.

Expert Q&A: How to Be Prepared for a Residential Disaster

At Signature Exteriors, a St. Charles, Missouri-based roofing contractor, we’re so proud to work with such a fantastic community of related experts that we created an “Expert’s Corner” on our blog in which we interview these highly talented professionals.

Today's interview is with Claria Clean president Jennifer Donley.

How to Protect Your House Before a Storm Hits

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover storm damage to my house? Can Signature Exteriors help me deal with my insurance claim? And how long can I file an insurance claim after the storm hits? A roofing contractor answers some common questions about storm damage and protecting your house.

The First Thing You Should Do When Your House Has Been Damaged by a Storm

When your house has been damaged by heavy rain, hail or strong winds, it can be hard to focus and take the appropriate steps to get it repaired. Here is the first thing you should do after a major storm (plus a few additional steps):