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Replacing the roof of your house is a huge decision and there's much more to think about than just the price (although cost is definitely a factor). Choosing the right shingle for your roof that perfectly expresses who you are and protects your most valuable asset not only turns any house into a home — but adds great curbside value, too.  

Mastic makes it possible for the nation's residential builders, remodelers and architects to design, build and update beautiful, low-maintenance and energy-efficient homes.

Q: Why does Signature Exteriors work with Mastic? 

Mastic is a great choice for customers who want new siding colors and a quality vinyl product at affordable pricing. They offer multiple thicknesses and the accessibility of products make it an easy choice for us. Because our suppliers stock many colors and thicknesses, it is our go-to vinyl siding. 

Q: What does Mastic have that other siding companies don't? 

Mastic is one of the biggest vinyl siding manufacturers in the St. Louis market. With such a huge market share, they are able to offer quick delivery and affordable pricing, while still offering a very high-quality product.  

Q: What are the benefits & features you love most? 

The multiple colors and sizes of Mastic vinyl siding make it a great product for us.


Visit Mastic Website, look around, find what you like, and then contact us to get started on your new project.

We are looking forward to help you.