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Replacing the roof of your house is a huge decision and there's much more to think about than just the price (although cost is definitely a factor). Choosing the right shingle for your roof that perfectly expresses who you are and protects your most valuable asset not only turns any house into a home — but adds great curbside value, too.

Fun fact: Each season, the Pantone Fashion Color Report is paired with Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Series Shingles to offer homeowners a “fashion-forward foundation” to help you discover an exterior for your house that represents your family’s unique style.

Q: Why does Signature Exteriors use Owens Corning? 

We are a preferred contractor with Owens Corning, which gives us a dedicated representative if we ever have warranty issues. We get discounted pricing, which we can pass on to our customers, and they have been a household name since 1935!  

Q: What does Owens Corning have that other building materials companies don't? 

The TruDefinition Duration Shingles series offers a fabric nailing strip that makes for optimum wind resistance, and when we use 3 or more of their accessories, which we always do, we can offer extended warranties. The OC shingles we sell the most of are Duration and Oakridge, but we carry (or can get) all Owens Corning products and accessories for our market.  

Q: What are the benefits & features you love most? 

We love the different color options, superior quality, extended warranty, and exceptional support from the OC team. 

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Visit Owens Corning Website, look around, find what you like, 
and then contact us to get started on your new project.

We are looking forward to help you.