When performing the different aspects of the project, we request a little help from you to make sure that it is a success. Below is an outline of how to prepare for each portion of the project.

As always, if you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kristina Kallstrom, Smith Management Group at: (314) 394-4200

Shingle Roof Replacement

The evening before the build, please secure loose items on shelves or walls that could be easily rattled. The build will usually start around 6 a.m. Unfortunately the "tear off" portion of the work is the first task and it will be loud in the unit (especially for the 2nd story ceiling).  

Throughout the roof replacement process, we ask that you keep away from the edges of the buildings as much as possible. We will do our best to keep walkways free of nails during the day, but please be very cautious with children and animals around the building while it is under construction. At the end of the day, we will perform a cleanup, and the following morning another cleanup will be performed as a double-check. Both cleanups involve dragging magnets throughout the walkways and concrete areas.  

The day that your unit is being worked on, please use extreme caution when on your balcony. When the roof replacement is complete, please inspect your balcony to ensure that no loose nails or other debris has fallen on it.

Garage Roof Replacement

In an effort to reduce the time in which you cannot use your garage, we will be breaking down this project by sections of the garage. We anticipate that each section will take 4 days. When we notify you of the start date, we ask that you refrain from using your garage throughout the project. If you store any fragile items in your garage, please remove those as there may be vibrations during construction.

Siding, Gutter, and Fascia Repairs

The siding, gutter and fascia repairs are significantly less intrusive than the other aspects of the project scope. You may hear hammering and sawing in the event that we need to replace some bad wood.  

This is also a less intrusive aspect, though you may hear some banging near your chimney and some dust may be knocked down the flu. Please refrain from using your chimney on the day of the build.

Chimney Chase Replacement

The day before the garage door install, we ask that you remove your vehicles from the garage. We will need interior access to the garage.  

Garage Door Replacement

If your unit is having the patio screen replaced, we ask that you move any of your items a few feet back from the perimeter to ensure that our crews have access.

Screen Replacement

Our crews will require access to your patio, so please move any of your items a few feet back from the perimeter. We ask that during this build you refrain from using your patio.

Awning Replacement

If you are sensitive to dust, you may want to keep your windows closed that day. During the chimney flashing process, a small amount of brick will need to be ground in order to create an edge for the flashing. Depending on the wind, a small amount of dust may be blown around. 

Chimney Flashing