Project Scope

We know how frustrating it is when construction work begins on or near your home and it takes you by surprise. What's happening? When will this be done? How do I contact someone about this?  So we've created this project page to make things easier and more transparent for you. 

The sections below (Shingle Roof Replacement, Garage Door Repairs, Screen Replacement, etc.), outline the scope of each project and note which units will be affected during the construction process.

We will also be distributing flyers to each unit the day prior to starting work on any given project.  


Shingle Roof Replacement


Units Affected

All the residential units on the property will have their shingle roofs replaced.  


We will be removing the existing roofing system and installing a new roofing system with Owens Corning Duration Shingles. Our goal is to finish a building in 2 days. Depending on weather and how quickly construction is progressing, there may be times when it could spill into a 3rd day.

Garage Roof Replacement

Photo by dulancristian/iStock / Getty Images

Garages Affected

All the free-standing garages along the northeast and southeast sides of the property will get new roofs.


The old roof will be removed and replaced with a brand new roof, and the new roofing system will be almost identical to the old one. We will be replacing the roofs in "sections" so we don't block access to any garage for an extended period of time. We anticipate completing a section of each garage every few days. 

Siding Repairs

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Throughout the property, the aluminum fascia and siding has been damaged by wind and/or hail. We'll be replacing a full wall of siding on the north wall of the building adjacent to units 1102, 1104, 1106 and 1108.  

Units Affected

Full wall siding replacement:

1102, 1104, 1106, 1108

Partial siding repairs:

110, 112, 702 

Garage Door Repairs/Replacement

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The door panels that were damaged by hail will be replaced. During the panel replacement we ask that you remove anything fragile from the garage and keep all vehicles clear of the garage. All the attached garage door replacements will be scheduled directly with the owner of the unit.

Units/Garages Affected

Units with attached garages:

502, 504

Unattached garages:

101, 106, 1015, 1010, 1001, 1002, 1005

Chimney Flashing

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Units Affected

All the chimneys will be re-flashed during this project.  


The chimney flashing is the aluminum flashing on the outside of the chimney. To replace this, the old flashing is removed, a new line is ground into the brick, and then a new flashing is inserted and affixed to the brick. The process is not too loud, but the electric grinder we use can cause intermittent noise.

Chimney Chase Replacement


The chimney chase is the metal cap on top of the chimney and acts as a flashing for the top of your chimney where the siding stops. We'll be removing the old chase and replacing it with a new steel chase. During construction you may hear some loud banging or small electric hand tools like saws or drills.

Units Affected

All the chimney chases will be replaced.

Awning Replacement


The top side of the metal of the awning above the deck was damaged by hail, so we will remove and replace it with a new one. All the awning replacements will be scheduled directly with the owner of the unit.

Units Affected

107, 1107, 704, 607, 605, 602

Screen Replacement

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Hail created holes in some of the screens on the property. The screen crew will remove and re-install the screens on the same day. This trade is minimally intrusive, but in some cases may require interior access. In the case of interior access, we will schedule with the owner of the unit directly.

Units Affected

507, 505, tbd