Will I be notified before the different sections of the project are started?


Absolutely! Each day before work starts on a particular part of the project, we will leave a door hanger on all units that will be affected.  

For example, the day before we replace a roof on a building, we will put a door hanger on all the units in that building to let you know that the replacement will be the following day.

When is this all going to start?


The major and most intrusive portion of the repairs is the shingle roof replacements. We anticipate starting to load the materials on October 3rd and start the first building on October 4th. This may shift one way or the other due to weather. We anticipate completing all of the buildings' shingle roof replacements by October 18th.

Will the work be loud?


The loudest portion of the work we'll be performing will be the shingle roofs. On the days that your unit is having its roof replaced, it will be noisy inside. If possible, it might be a good idea to plan to be away during those days. Throughout the project, you may hear equipment running (generators, air compressors), but we do our best to respect your home and keep the noise down. When work is being performed on an exterior wall (i.e. during a siding repair), you may hear banging through the wall.

Who should I contact if I have special concerns?


Please don't hesitate to contact Kristina Kallstrom with Smith Management, LLC.  She can be reached at: (314) 394-4200.