roofing Wednesday

Roofing Wednesdays: Park Güell

Park Güell is a public park in Barcelona, Spain with gardens and some of the most interesting architecture in the world, including the fantastically shaped roofs. Built by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, known for his flamboyant style.

Roofing Wednesdays: A Vinyl Record Roof

Matt Glassmeyer, a musician from Nashville, put his old record albums to good use: he shingled the porch of his house with 350 vinyl records. The records uniformly overlap to cover the entire porch roof and are secured in place with by a nail and washer through the center hole.

Roofing Wednesdays: St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral, a Roman Catholic church in Vienna, is one of Austria's most famous attractions. This Gothic structure has a 137-meter-high spire and a beautiful, multi-colored tile roof (with 230,000 tiles), and it showcases eight centuries of architectural history!

Roofing Wednesdays: The Academy of Sciences, California

The Academy of Sciences in California's "living roof" is covered in rolling hills and fields on which local wildlife lives and is edged by solar panels. The U.S. Green Building Council: Leed Platinum has given it the highest sustainability rating of any museum in the world.