Roofing Wednesdays: Hundertwasser House

The Hundertwasser House is an apartment building in Vienna designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser who was considered an architectural rebel. His vision was of "free architecture for all," meaning without standards, specifications or straight lines — kind of like Dr. Seuss!

Roofing Wednesdays: Clinic by Hkl Studio

The Asahicho Clinic in Japan was designed with a house-shaped roof to ensure that its elderly patients feel more at home. Architect Hikalu Tanabe of Hkl Studio created a series of triangular arches to look like the gable of a house and help it blend in with the residential homes in the neighborhood. 

Roofing Wednesdays: Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum in Agra, India which is surrounded by five major structures and took 22 years to build. The main tomb’s domed roof was constructed from 28 varieties of semi-precious and precious gems and white marble bricks from China, Tibet, Arabia and Afghanistan. 

Roofing Wednesdays: Park Güell

Park Güell is a public park in Barcelona, Spain with gardens and some of the most interesting architecture in the world, including the fantastically shaped roofs. Built by famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, known for his flamboyant style.

Roofing Wednesdays: The Academy of Sciences, California

The Academy of Sciences in California's "living roof" is covered in rolling hills and fields on which local wildlife lives and is edged by solar panels. The U.S. Green Building Council: Leed Platinum has given it the highest sustainability rating of any museum in the world.